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less life less

A photo essay capturing lifeless sculptures and storefront mannequins in the right light, and edited to give them a sense of life.
I see them everywhere as we walk down the loudest street in the world, I was holding the camera today and Sam was tagging along. To be fair we have seen them in most cities we've been to. Living inside storefront windows under their own personal spotlights, yet 'unseen' by the crowds walking past them. People never meeting their gaze but always subjecting them to a passive glance, only looking at the clothes they're adorned in, accessorized with, and well...objectified in. Walking past them that late weekend, those plain white dead mannequins caught the light...

...Just the right way and for a moment, they seemed alive to me and maybe even Sam.
"It's almost sad how alive they look for mass-produced things with a limited shelf life...all of them so hard to register and so easy to forget." I think out loud, only to hear Sam snap back almost cynically, "Are you still talking about mannequins George?"

I laugh as I realize what he was getting at. Surprisingly easy to feel like a mannequin in the middle of a moving crowd in the loudest street in the world.  

I don't know the people around me and they don't know me. I was just another blur to them and they were a blur to me. 
"Must get tiring, performing for an audience that never sees you..", whispers Sam, and even in the loudest street in the world, I could hear him and I wish I didn't. 
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