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Furniture Collection / 2024

Sliding Edges

A collection of flat-pack furniture that are designed to be easily assembled by the user. 
'The Dawt' (yellow) is a minimal side table that is easily assembled without the need for screws and fittings, the hinged pieces open up and perfectly interlock into place, a balance between utility and aesthetics.

'The Sly Table' a simple coffee table that is easy to fold out and assemble without the need for any screws or tools. It interlocks into place and adds a pop of color and depth to any space. When it's time to make more room The Sly Table easily tucks away into a corner or behind a shelf like it was never there.

'The Akita' A simple flatpack bench that blends design and carpentry. It's charm lies in its simplicity, as it is constructed solely from wood, without relying on screws, fasteners, or glue. The intriguing aspect of the bench's form is that it magnifies the principles of uncomplicated wooden joinery, resulting in a self-stabilized and interlocked structure. Emphasizing the beauty of natural materials but also showcases a harmonious balance between traditional craftsmanship and modern appeal, making it a functional and visually captivating piece of furniture.​
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