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Product Design Concept / 2021

Patent Pending


Hubless Clock designs that capture themes of minimalist aesthetics without compromising on utility. 
'Celestially' is  a series of two Minimal Clocks with a hubless design, the two variants that have been envisioned are composed of glass, mild steel and wood. It attempts to visually capture how days, hours and minutes are simply human constructs to measure 'time', going back to when the movement of celestial bodies once served as markers for the passage of time. Both variant have a wooden base in common that conceals the clockwork which is offset to the outer circumference of the dial.  The first variant is made of wood and mild steel with wooden spheres suspended in place of the minute and hour hands, almost mimicking the motions of celestial bodies afar.  The second variant is composed of a glass disc that serves as the dial and have circular cutouts a more minimal take off the spheres from the first variant, both designs have their core ideology rooted in minimalism without compromising functionality.
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